Accepting Local Marketing Guest Blogs


Submission Guidelines:

Please pay careful attention to our guest post submission guidelines, as this will tell you exactly what you need to do to better your chances of getting a guest post featured on our site!

Bite Sized Media helps local businesses with their online marketing, with a special emphasis on working with restaurants. As such, we accept guest posts on local SEO and other local marketing related topics.

Some example topics include:

  • Google My Business – how it works, updates for restaurants and other local businesses, importance and use cases, etc.
  • Local Advertising – Pay Per Click advertising in local is often used along other types of local marketing. You can cover case studies, new updates to take advantage of, and anything that may benefit a local business.
  • Local Sponsorships – Highlight beneficial local sponsorships, how to obtain them, success cases, etc.
  • Industry Insights – Related to the local marketing or restaurant industry.

Before you submit a guest post, please do the following:

  1. Review our blog – Review our past blog posts to get an idea on the types of blog posts we publish.
  2. Send a headline and short overview of your blog post – Please send us at least 100-150 words on what your article will be about. If we approve of your topic, we’ll ask you for a full draft.
  3. Don’t send a full draft unless your topic and overview is approved – We will only read summaries first, not full blog post drafts. We respect your time, so please respect ours and read these guidelines first if you’d like to be approved.

If you’re topic is approved, please do the following:

  • Upon approval, we will need a headshot and a bio. For your headshot, please provide an appropriate (preferably high resolution) photo. We will place one link to your blog and/or social profile. No more than two links (both cannot be websites).
  • We also like to feature photos for examples highlighted in the blog post. It better for our audience to understand topics, as digital isn’t always their forte.
  • Lastly, send your final blog post in a Word or Google Doc file. Please do not send any other file type format. Also be sure to write your post in the 2nd person, do not be overly promotional, and break up your content into small paragraphs with headers.

If you have any questions on the above guidelines, please email rachel [at] bite-sizedmedia [dot] com.