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Hi, my name is Rachel Howe. I’m a digital marketer in Milwaukee and I founded Bite Sized Media in October of 2015 after getting laid off from my job at an advertising agency while I tried to figure out what I was going to do next.

I saw that my future wasn’t going to be different if I kept building someone else’s business for them and working for them at the mercy of my own job. I was also tired of having to work my full time jobs and freelancing almost every night just to get by. It was taking over my happiness in life, my health, and my free time with friends and family. That’s what I thought going to college would allow me to do!

Since finding out that wasn’t my reality, I decided I had to create my own reality. This would allow me to have the life and business I wanted for myself and also allow me to create a much bigger impact helping more businesses out than I ever could working a single job. And so began my entrepreneurial journey and I’ve never looked back.

With my love for food and the art that goes into it and supporting local, it’s my mission to help my local Milwaukee community and help restaurants, food and beverage companies, and local businesses get found online + share their story.

Mission / Vision

Our Mission: To Exploit Milwaukee Small Businesses and surrounding Cities' Food Scene While Encouraging Others to Shop Local.

Marketing has shifted drastically over recent years. We live in a day and age where you can literally look up anything with the advent of the internet and technology. This presents a huge problem and an opportunity for local businesses looking to get more eyeballs on them.

Local SEO, marketing, and creating content can be an arduous task to many small businesses. After all, you specialize in running your business, not marketing.

Let’s face the facts:

Marketing is time consuming. Requires a solid strategy. And you need creative marketing chops.

We get it.

That’s why Bite Sized Media exists.

Our mission is to help make it easy for restaurants and food and beverage companies to get found by locals in their neighborhood and to help them create small bits of engaging content, on a consistent basis, and get it front of their target audience. Hence the name, “Bite Sized Media.”

If you’d like to read about our long term vision, check it out here.

Our goal isn’t just to drive leads and sales. That’s something anyone can do. We want to help our clients grow their business and be seen as partners by following our core values we live everyday. Our commitment to continuous education and innovation is what sets us apart from other marketing agencies.

We’re working to help our clients achieve great things by acquiring talented, passionate, and caring people to our company to bring superior service to our clients.

Rachel Howe

Rachel Howe


Our Six Core Values

We are a value-driven company and are committed to building a company our employees and clients love. Below are our six core values that we stand by. These core values are what drives us and attracts the type of people and clients we want to work with in our organization.





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