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What good is your website if no one can find you? Get your content found on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase. Of those, 61% begin by using a search engine. - Adweek

Search engine optimization is the continuous process of making your website visible to online searchers via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. However, it doesn’t stop there. Social networking sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest act as search engines too, so it’s important to optimize them as well as utilize them as part of your SEO strategy for content promotion. Now more than ever, if you’re not actively working on getting your website and its content found by your target audience while they’re searching for your products and services, you’re missing out on opportunities to be present online at each stage of the buying cycle.

Client education is a core part of our SEO and content marketing agency. All of our meetings, analysis and reports are made with you in mind – the busy business owner or marketing leader who wants a reliable partner that can easily explain SEO, focus on important metrics and take care of strategy and tactics like its their own business.

SEO is more than just keywords, its about intent and showing up for your target customer through all of the micro-moments that lead to the final purchase. We help you identify a strategy that moves the needle.

The Typical Online Customer Journey for a Small Business

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase – Think with Google

Source: Think With Google – The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

We're a Milwaukee-Based SEO Company Serving Local & National Clients

As a Milwaukee, WI based SEO agency, we’ve helped dozens of clients improve their organic visibility through website audits, SEO projects and programs. From national Fortune 500 businesses, to local businesses in the Milwaukee area.

Whether you’re a local Milwaukee digital agency looking for help with your SEO project and programs, or simply a local business looking to get more of the organic market share in your space, we’re here to help.

Why Invest in an SEO Program?

You'll be able to identify what keywords your customers use to find you

Consistently create content that is compelling & unique

Provide a better user experience based on research

Increased visibility & shares of your content

Detailed performance reports

Bite Sized Media's SEO Services Can Help you Gain Visibility

We’re a Milwaukee, WI based SEO company working with many local clients, but are not limited to Wisconsin exclusively. Below are some of the typical ways we engage with clients with our SEO services.


  • SEO Audits

    • Get a better understanding of the current state of your website and measure where you stand against your competitors. Its recommended to start with an audit before a program to examine where you are, identify any possible issues that are hindering your success and areas for improvement.
  • SEO Programs

    • We recommend to begin with an initial audit to identify any issues impacting your site currently or in the future before starting an SEO program. From there, we build out a detailed strategy, tactics and a timeline to complete.
  • SEO Setups/Projects

    • Launching a new website(s)? We help agencies and business owners make sure their sites are built search engine friendly. From keyword research, content recommendations, analytics setup and more – it’s best to engage us as early as possible in the project for the best results.

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