PPC Hack for Beginners: Single Keyword Ad Groups

PPC Beginners Single Ad Groups

PPC Hack for Beginners: Single Keyword Ad Groups

Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. Quality Score is reported on a 1-10 scale and its components (expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience) in your keywords’ “Status” column.

The higher quality score you have, the lower your cost per click will be. On the contrary, the lower quality score you have, the higher your cost per click will be, making it tougher for your business to drive conversions at a profitable price point.

Ideally, you want to receive a higher quality score to improve efficiency within your Google Adwords campaign. How do you go about doing this? Try testing out Single Keyword Ad Groups!


When you create a campaign within Adwords, typically, you have 2-3 advertisements and 15-20 keywords. This means that not all of your keywords are completely relevant with your advertising copy.

For example, if the title of your ad copy is, “Plumbing Company Tempe AZ” and one of the keywords you are bidding on is “Plumbers in Tempe” you don’t have an exact match between the copy and keyword because plumbing and plumbers are two different words and you are not including AZ as a keyword.

If you create Single Keyword Ad Groups, you’ll get an identical match, which should improve click through rate and ad relevancy, decreasing your cost per click.

Below, I’ll outline how you can easily set-up Single Keyword Ad Groups.


  • Create a campaign within Adwords like you normally would.
  • Within one campaign, create 15-20 individual ad groups, each consisting of one variation of Ad Copy with one matching keyword
  • Focus on just one service or practice area within this campaign
    • For the plumbing company example, they should have one campaign with numerous Single Keyword Ad Groups with different variations of “Plumbing Company” – If they wanted to have ads running for restoration, this should be done within another campaign with more single keyword ad group variations
  • Create different ad groups for phrase match, broad match modifier and exact match (Note: I don’t recommend bidding on broad match, unless there is very light search volume).


Here is a video that’ll show you the step by step process of setting up these single keyword ad groups:


Closely analyze to see if your relevancy score improves. This tactic can help you drive more conversions and lower your cost per click.

If you are looking for keyword to add into your Single Keyword Ad Group, I recommend starting with the following:

  • Converted Keywords from Prior Campaigns
  • Google’s Recommended Keywords within AdwordsSingle Keyword Ad Group bidding can be time intensive. Once you want to scale beyond the 15-20 SKAG’s you created, there are tools and excel formulas to help you do this. For right now, start with the basics to see if you can generate more conversions at a lower cost per click with single keyword ad groups!


Stefanie Rosenfield is Co-Founder of Cleveland Marketing King, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Downtown Cleveland.

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