What is our New Patient Engine?

Our New Patient Engine service was created for one reason – to help you get new patients to book an appointment with you from your website.

It’s a tried and true method that we’ve implemented to get new patients from your website so that you can focus on building your practice by providing great service to your patients.

Our New Patient Engine is built around you creating a promotional offer for new patients that is called out on your homepage, as well as on a separate landing page. This offer is what is going to entice new patients visiting your website to book an appointment with you with a sense of urgency.

Setting up the promotional offer is only half the battle. We also help you set up and track how that offer is performing via analytics tracking so you know exactly how your website visitors are converting. Marketing that is measureable!

What’s included in the New Patient Engine service?

Who is the New Patient Engine for?

The New Patient Engine System was created to help small clinic owners drive more patient appointments through their website and cut down on time spent getting new patients by asking for referrals and attending conferences/tradeshows. Drive more new patient appointments by working with us to create a promotional offer that links to your online scheduler or Square/Paypal account!

The New Patient Engine works for:

How can I work with you long term?

The New Patient Engine System is a one-time setup project. On-going work to drive even more patients can be done through our “done for you” marketing services:

new patient engine

What our clients have to say about the New Patient Engine

Dr. Maddy Perry, DC, Performance Chiropractic Clinic

"Since working with Bite Sized Media and implementing a New Patient Special on my site, I get 1-2 new patients per month from the internet without even doing anything. With their on-going marketing & advertising services, I get even more."


Dr. Jessica Kieser, DPT, Hummingbird PT & Wellness

"Very efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful! Highly recommended."

Dr. Lindsay Rush, DPT, Beyond Physical Therapy

"Sine working with Bite Sized Media to implement the New Patient Engine, we get about one lead per week, when before working with BSM, we were getting less than one per month."

Why work with us?

  • Over eleven years experience in digital marketing
  • Industry expertise and working with the health and wellness industry
  • Certified through the ISSA in Personal Training, Nutrition, and Corrective Exercise
  • We’re the only niche agency in Milwaukee working with small clinics to drive patient growth like this!

How do I know if this will work for me?

Are you a small clinic that is looking to get more patients without having to ask family, friends, and patients for referrals? Are you sick of spending your free time and weekends at tradeshows offering your services with little in return for your time? Do you currently lack a promotional offer and/or the ability to accept payments online?