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Q: Do you only work with restaurants?

A: While our target customers are restaurants and those in food and beverage, we also have experience helping ecommerce based businesses and other locally focused businesses. Contact us if you’d like to reach out about a project.


Q: Do you offer any packages?

A: Yes we offer several local marketing packages, as well as a la carte local directory services. Our local packages are ideal for those who need more hands on help in several marketing areas including local SEO, social media and content strategy.


Q: Do you work on a contract basis?

A: Yes, we work on contracts because that is what makes our business run efficiently like any other business. If you choose our basic local marketing package, it’s a once and done contract. Other contracts differ, but you’re not obligated to commit for a long period of time.


Q: What if I want to work with you on a consultative basis?

A: You might want to check out our custom SEO and marketing training services on our sister site, Hyperlocal Marketing Academy.


Q: I need a lot of hand holding beyond your basic services. Do you help with that?

A: Refer to our training services in the question above, or opt for our executive local marketing package.