Infinity Accounting is a Milwaukee-based accounting firm that came to us looking for us to help them with their local visibility and SEO. We helped them manage their local listings and create a review strategy to obtain more Google reviews. Below is information provided from the owner of Infinity Accounting.

What was the problem you were looking to solve when you approached us?

I needed better SEO for my business.  Specifically, I wanted higher rankings and a way to boost my online presence.

How did our services help you solve that problem?

Bite Sized Media helped in getting my business listings on multiple sites in a consistent manner. 

The suggestion to get more reviews has really helped.  I have increased my reviews by about 15 (now at 21) and I definitely notice more traffic and calls that come from searches.

What were the results?

Here is my monthly traffic data from Google Analytics YTD (2018):

organic-traffic-infinity-accountingBelow are actual numbers:

January        – 259

February      – 149

March           – 186

April              – 177

May               – 634

June              – 648

July               – 660

August          – 751

September    – 1,042

I also have the most reviews for an accounting firm in the Milwaukee area and have closed 6 new clients in 8 weeks.

-Adam, Owner, Infinity Accounting