5 Reasons You’re Hiring the Wrong SEO Consultant

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The way you do SEO for a local business is WAY different than how you’d do it for a nationwide or online only business. And when I say the term “local business”, I don’t just mean a one-location pizza shop. You can have 30+ locations, but your marketing strategy is/should be local.

Unfortunately, not many local business owners or marketers know the difference between what local SEO is and general SEO, so they hire whomever was recommended to help them (or the cheapest).

Here are five tell-tale signs the SEO consultant you hired was the wrong consultant for your local business:

  1. They don’t have a mobile strategy
  2. Online directory listings or citations aren’t even discussed
  3. They have no plan for on-page that includes geo-based information
  4. No local link building strategy
  5. No online review strategy

If you’re a business owner or marketer in charge of your local marketing success, please take the time to do your research on who can best help you achieve your goals. We’ve helped both online only/nationwide businesses as well as local businesses, so we’re always willing to talk you through the differences in strategies and skills.

Leave a comment or contact us directly with your local SEO questions!

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