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Imagine more website traffic, foot traffic and sales to your restaurant, cafe, or local store just by cleaning up your local directory listings and showing more of who you are and why you do what you do. Bite Sized Media is a restaurant and food & beverage marketing agency located in Milwaukee. We specialize in helping local restaurants and food and beverage companies improve their discovery online and attract new customers to drive foot traffic and sales. We do this through our expert local SEO services and other creative marketing strategies. Our restaurant marketing services help you build a marketing strategy that focuses on building your online visibility from the ground up, starting with basic on-page website optimization to distributing accurate, up-to-date menu and location information to online searchers. Let’s turn those hungry Google searchers into buyers!

Local Customers Are Out There Waiting for You to Show Up

There are over 600 million daily active users on Instagram! That’s more than Twitter and Snapchat combined. The average time spent on YouTube via a mobile device is 40 minutes. Sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are some of the go-to apps used by mobile searchers looking for local restaurants and food in their area. Is your website and menu listed? Do you have a strategy to get in front of them, engage them, and turn them into paying customers? Learn more about our restaurant marketing services and  online marketing services for local businesses.


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